Simon is a leading business anthropologist whose work over the last decade, with global businesses and policy making organisations, has centred on ageing, technology, media and innovation. His doctoral research focused on the satellite TV revolution in mid 1990s India, after which he established Ideas Bazaar, the UK’s first ethnographic research consultancy. Between 2005-2011 he ran a R&D lab for Intel in Dublin, dedicated to ageing and healthcare.

His team of researchers, designers and technologists worked globally to identity product and service opportunities in an ageing world. During that time, Simon was seconded to the Cabinet Office’s Raceonline 2012 organisation where he wrote a strategy report for Martha Lane Fox, the UK Digital Champion, on older people and the internet. His work as a business anthropologist has been covered by, amongst others, The FT, The Daily Telegraph, Marketing Week and BBC Radio 4’s Shop Talk programme. Simon lives in London with his wife and 3 children.

sr [at]ideasbazaar [dot] com

My Linkedin profile is here, on twitter I am @ideasbazaar.

I was co-chair of EPIC 2012-13. The Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference is the premier international event on the current and future practice of ethnography in the worlds of business, design and policy making. Founded in 2006, the EPIC Conference promotes the use of ethnographic investigations and principles in the study of human behaviour as they are applied in business settings. EPIC attracts attendees and sponsorship from many of the world’s leading companies.

As Co-chair for the 2012 (Savannah, GA) and 2013 (London) conferences I delivered two over-subscribed and on-budget events, introduced programme innovations, expanded the audience of the event, led improvements in marketing and communications and attracted new conference sponsors.


Intel: I was recruited to create Intel’s first social science led innovation lab outside of the US for the Digital Health platform group. This team was focused on ageing, independent living and healthcare. I built a multi-disciplinary team of engineers, designers and social scientists to identify opportunities for business growth within the EU. This work involved major, multi-country ethnographic studies of ageing. I was also part of the team that created a 4-year $35 million industry-academic collaboration on ageing research. there’s a short video outlining some of that work here (See videos).

Ideas Bazaar: I founded Ideas Bazaar, the UK’s first ethnographic research company in 2002.  The business was widely acclaimed for its work in business and policy circles. Its clients included: AOL, Broadband Stakeholder Group, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Hutchison 3G, BBC, Saatchi & Saatchi, WCRS, Demos, BBC Worldwide, The Work Foundation, IPC Media and Unilever.