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Ineffable Ireland

  Jan Morris, doyenne of the travel writing world, had a lovely piece about her recent travels through Ireland in the Saturday FT (10.7.10). Despite claiming that it's difficult to capture exactly what it is about the country that makes … Continue reading

links for 2010-06-30

Silver surfers increase by one million over the last year | CARDI : Centre for Ageing Research and Development in Ireland (tags: ageing technology internet raceonline)

links for 2010-06-21

Reframing health to embrace design of our own well-being Nice piece from latest Interactions magazine (tags: health2.0 healthcare design Foucault)

Boiled Eggs and Actor Network Theory

A poem by Baron Wormser What a person desires in life   is a properly boiled egg.This isn’t as easy as it seems.There must be gas and a stove,   the gas requires pipelines, mastodon drills,   banks that dispense the lozenge of capital.There must be … Continue reading

And there there were none

I heard some time ago that the works of Iris Murdoch, a literary figure famous not just for her works but also her descent in the hell of Alzheimer's disease, trace the decline of her mind at an early stage, … Continue reading

Embedded Anthropology: My Talk from the RSA Design Society Event

On Monday I spoke at an RSA event on Embedding Design organised by Emily Campbell as part of the . As I said at the time, saying anything valuable in ten minutes is far beyond my abilities. So here's something you … Continue reading

Mrs Mare

Ken Anderson, a colleague at Intel, and a researcher in PaPR, posted some rather valid if baffled questions in responded to the following picture I posted on Flickr A little commentary on this one would help (1) One can't have happy days … Continue reading

Book Review: Ethnography and the Corporate Encounter

  Ethnography and the Corporate Encounter: Reflections on Research in and of Corporations - Edited by Melissa Cefkin It is now safe to say that the introduction to the story of ethnographic and anthropological praxis within industry has been written. This … Continue reading

The Comfort of Things

I won't even pretend to have read it yet but having looked at two posts about Danny Miller's Book The Comfort of Things, I'll be picking up a copy as soon as I can. In the meantime, two quotes, lifted … Continue reading

links for 2010-04-13

2004-August-25 – Bungalow Blitz at the Walter Phillips Gallery All over Ireland, one of the biggest bestsellers of 1971 was a DIY manual called Bungalow Bliss by Jack Fitzsimmons (“Six Plans and Six Specifications for only One Hundred Pounds”). Landing … Continue reading

Banking for the older old

Hospitals are not banks and so turning up at hospital for a routine operation with a shoebox of cash is probably not best advised. Then again, banks have not exactly covered themselves in glory over the last few years and … Continue reading

links for 2010-04-06

Tony Dunne – Design for Debate – we make money not art "It's not about trying to predict the future and get into forecasting but simply about trying to move upstream and not waiting for science to become technology and … Continue reading

Participant Observers of Elections

There's a lovely piece in the FT Weekend by Matthew Engel, sometime editor of Wisden and a journalist with a anthropologist's eye for the little details and the broad canvas of life in the British Isles – (see also his wonderful Eleven … Continue reading

Mapping Work

Two rather different maps of work – one a Google map of anthrodesign type people globally. The other a freelancers map of London, with handy hints on all the best places to meet and work called You are Here. At £3 shipped … Continue reading

links for 2010-03-28

Design with Intent 11 ways to 'change' behaviour (tags: behaviour design Nudge)

links for 2010-03-27

Design with Intent 11 ways to 'change' behaviour (tags: behaviour design Nudge) Welcome UK Cabinet Office resource on service design (tags: services design UK)

Storage – now and then

As we increasingly take for granted the enormous computing power we have 'ready to hand' each day, at our desk and in our pockets, it is easy to forgot the quantum leaps have been made over the last couple of decades. This … Continue reading

Technology is….

“anything useful created by the human mind”. One of many nice definitions contained in a talk full of thought provoking ideas, analogies, metaphors and optimism, 

Translucent Twitter

 Photo Cred I was reminded this morning of a paper from EPIC 2008 – the conference theme was visibility – on twitter and jaiku use, largely amongst self-employed consultant types. The paper is titled The Translucence of Twitter  by Ingrid Erickson who's … Continue reading

Party Pooper

Some cracking commentary on the Blair administration in David Hare's review of Andrew Rawnsley's 'Shakespearian' book, The End of the Party: "Any psychiatrist who began to question the behaviour of a leader permanently surrounded by half-eaten bananas would already have … Continue reading

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