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Book Review: Ethnography and the Corporate Encounter

  Ethnography and the Corporate Encounter: Reflections on Research in and of Corporations - Edited by Melissa Cefkin It is now safe to say that the introduction to the story of ethnographic and anthropological praxis within industry has been written. This … Continue reading

The Comfort of Things

I won't even pretend to have read it yet but having looked at two posts about Danny Miller's Book The Comfort of Things, I'll be picking up a copy as soon as I can. In the meantime, two quotes, lifted … Continue reading

Mapping Work

Two rather different maps of work – one a Google map of anthrodesign type people globally. The other a freelancers map of London, with handy hints on all the best places to meet and work called You are Here. At £3 shipped … Continue reading

Wanted: Interns

We're looking for a couple of interns to join the social science research and design team here at Digital Health's Product Research and Innovation team in Ireland. the blurb is below, please contact me if you're interested and send on … Continue reading

What shape are you?

Picture cred – via the fabulous One Letter Pool on Flickr What shape are you? I ask this not to see if you're comfortable with your weight and body, but if you (or your country) is prepared for the future. … Continue reading

Give thanks for think tanks?

Source This can be read as a justification for a plug. The plug is for a series of events that I’m running at the Science Gallery in Dublin, exploring the role of social science in R&D, innovation and job creating … Continue reading

Ageing in Ireland

I've got a book review forthcoming in Ageing and Society – people interested in Ireland, ageing and multi-method social research might be interested in it.  Carmel Gallagher, The Community Life of Older People in Ireland, Peter Lang AG, Bern, Switzerland, … Continue reading

Post Scientific Society and R&D 2.0

I've spent the best part of a year on a Foresight Working Group exploring the role of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (AHSS) in the culture, economy and well-being of Ireland. As the year has progressed, and the Celtic Tiger … Continue reading

Neophytes Wanted

Some top secret fun and games are being cooked up for EPIC 2009 and we're looking for people with between 1-3 years experience working as ethnographers in an industry setting. If you fit the bill please drop me a line … Continue reading

Book Review: Doing Anthropology

I've got a book review out in the latest edition of Anthropology in Action (16:1), which is a Special Joint Issue with the Irish Journal of Anthropology. it is a review of Doing Anthropology in Consumer Research – Patricia Sunderland and Rita … Continue reading

Alan Turing eat your heart out…

I've always felt that anthropologists are curiously uncomfortable creatures socially. For a group of people for whom their bodies and selves are their key weapon, or shall we say central mode of knowing, theyare  often feel ill at ease in … Continue reading

Midas Touch

In his review of FT, Assistant Editor Gillian Tett's new book Fools Gold, Howard Davies makes the following observation on her 'academic identity':  The best journalism, they say, is the first draft of history. There is no doubt that Tett’s reporting … Continue reading

Anthropology at War

Given the enormous amounts written about anthropologists being deployed into Iraq and Afghanistan over the last few years this should be an interesting documentary: BBC – BBC Radio 4 Programmes – Anthropology at War. For those intersted in the subject Lorenz … Continue reading

Skilled Practitioners and Concrete Cabbages

It is always nice to see something come to fruition. This is especially true of a Ph.D thesis, the production of which I often liken, in terms of its experience quotient, to the excretion of a concrete cabbage.  So I … Continue reading

On Lions, Laundry and Being a sort of Anthropologist

At one level it is a ghastly expression, which only someone in marketing could come up with. And yet, on the other hand, only someone in marketing could alight on a phrase which neatly captures in an instance some of … Continue reading

Ten Things: Epic2008

It’s a bit late in the day to be wrapping up thoughts on EPIC2008, long after it happened but looking through some of the notes I made of some of the sessions that I attended – and it was a … Continue reading

I used PowerPoint

Back from EPIC2008 and the dust is settling. That post-conference euphoria, a sense of existential communitas created by being in seclusion amongst like minded individuals soon dissipates on return to the cube farm. I'm going to commit some more thoughts … Continue reading

Ageing and Sandwiches

If you're in Edinburgh next week, Wednesday 15th September to be precise, and you're interested in ageing and the research that Intel is doing in this space you might like to know I'm doing a seminar at The University of … Continue reading

A bunch of researchers

"How a bunch of Intel researchers, called ethnographers, came up with the innovations…" Tony Salvador explains more on thew work of the researchers and what they ended up with…. [there's more here – I like way this group uses You … Continue reading

Healthy Mass Observation

The Mass Observation project/movement lives on (new website too). I'm particularly intrerested in the latest directive – call to observers to write in on a specific issue (want to become one?) - which is focused on health and social care experiences – You … Continue reading

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