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As J.B. Priestley noted – “The more we elaborate our means of communication, the less we communicate.” – a thought captured elegantly in this series of photos documenting our obsession with mobile phones by Benjamin McMahon

Mating rituals

This is what happens when a David Attenborough commentary on the natural world is overlaid on the ‘mating’ rituals of humans. Feels like a rich seam that could be mined here covering all aspects of human behaviour…

Anatomy of Distraction

Anyone who has a Smartphone or who lives with or mixes with people who own Smartphone – which is basically everyone in the Western world – will be able to relate to this nicely observed little film. An age old … Continue reading

Animated behaviour

Another in the RSA Animate series, this time by Dan Ariely, on human motivation and behaviour, specifically lying and dishonesty.

Should you check your email?

Painfully spot on, via Explore

Nudging Older Drivers

  ILC-UK, a London based think tank that focus exclusively on ageing related matters, launched a report today on older drivers. Specifically, it addresses how ideas from the ‘nudge’ agenda can be applied to the self-regulation of older drivers.  The … Continue reading

The alternative packaging of desire

I like this  plundering of the pharmaceutical 'semiosphere' to create packaging for a mythical chocolate brand  - source unknown I'm afraid…. [Update, here's a link to more, including Bochox]    

Data Shopping and Dropping

I'm always been fascinated by the idea that Walmart might be able to know – before most healthcare providers in an area that a flu or common cold outbreak is on the way based on their fine detail of the … Continue reading


I've asked Simon if I can intrude onto the IB blog – he's agreed.  Confusingly I'm another Simon.  Simon and I have written a few things together – and maybe something more will surface through this space.  I work for … Continue reading