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Anthropology & design

“Anthropology provides a kind of thick description that contextualises design processes and products, and design offers anthropology creative means of exploring and representing what it means to be human” anne galloway

Feeding the City

Next time you stand in front of the refrigerated fixture at Pret a Manger pondering the choice of Ham & Gruyere or Line Caught Tuna baguettes, feel a little envious for those who, in Mumbai, get to consume home made … Continue reading

Design fictions

One of the sessions I’m looking forward to at EPIC is the Design fictions workshop with Nicloas Nova and Anab Jain. ‘Design fiction?’, you ask, ‘what is that?’. Science fiction writer and futurist Bruce Sterling answers that in question this … Continue reading

Pre-factual life

“Increasingly, society operates pre-factually. In such cases, analyzing existing options may not provide the necessary insights needed to respond successfully because the challenge is one that has not been dealt with before and the facts do not exist yet.” Horst … Continue reading

Blog post: Innovation, Ageing and Healthcare – a talk

Here's a talk on innovation in healthcare that I gave this afternoon at Imperial Business School to Professor James Barlow's students. I hope they found it useful. Innovation in Healthcare I've been interacting with James for a few years now. He's … Continue reading

The alternative packaging of desire

I like this  plundering of the pharmaceutical 'semiosphere' to create packaging for a mythical chocolate brand  - source unknown I'm afraid…. [Update, here's a link to more, including Bochox]    

From 'post-it note porn' to re-invented public services

Over the last five years or more I have sat in many workshops, seminars, discussion and found myself getting wound up by yet another, somewhat self-congratulatory presentation featuring another user-centred technique for co-something – collaborating, co-discovering, co-creating, co-inventing etc… Such … Continue reading

The Future of the Book (as seen by IDEO)

Interesting video of 3 future book concepts made by IDEO. Seems to me that much of what they propose already exists, just not in one device or set of seamless interactions. Still – a thought provoking set of ideas on … Continue reading

Embedded Anthropology: My Talk from the RSA Design Society Event

On Monday I spoke at an RSA event on Embedding Design organised by Emily Campbell as part of the . As I said at the time, saying anything valuable in ten minutes is far beyond my abilities. So here's something you … Continue reading

Banking for the older old

Hospitals are not banks and so turning up at hospital for a routine operation with a shoebox of cash is probably not best advised. Then again, banks have not exactly covered themselves in glory over the last few years and … Continue reading

Mapping Work

Two rather different maps of work – one a Google map of anthrodesign type people globally. The other a freelancers map of London, with handy hints on all the best places to meet and work called You are Here. At £3 shipped … Continue reading

Translucent Twitter

 Photo Cred I was reminded this morning of a paper from EPIC 2008 – the conference theme was visibility – on twitter and jaiku use, largely amongst self-employed consultant types. The paper is titled The Translucence of Twitter  by Ingrid Erickson who's … Continue reading

Ageing and 'the sound of the electricity meter in the stillness…'

 Picture cred I've been looking at ageing now for over four years and rarely do I come across such eloquent summaries of the issues that face us as ageing societies which are fixated with youth and the often 'savourless achievement' … Continue reading


For Dublin, or Ireland based readers, this event might tickle your fancy:  The Ignite* format event will take place at 7pm on November the 3rd 2009 in the Sugar Club and will feature talks from 12 of Ireland's leading experts … Continue reading


I'm not able to attend Include 2009, which starts today in London at the Royal College of Art, but the paper I wrote with Nina Warburton from The Alloy is included and she's presenting it on behalf of us both.  … Continue reading


I've got a piece just out in the latest edition of User Experience Magazine (Volume 8, Issue 1, 2009) entitled  "Web 2.0 for an Older Population: Exploring the Limits". The article grew out of my sense that whilst everything Web 2.0 is … Continue reading

Look closer

Via Nicolas Nova's blog, pasta and vinegar, a picture (flickr url) of a supermarket trolley with built in magnifying glass to assist shoppers who have trouble reading labels etc. This seems particularly useful as looking at ingredient lists and nutrition … Continue reading


This book is a perfect little addition to that pile of books next to the toilet which require little concentration but demands something absorbing (if not also absorbent): Indexed. It joins that ever-growing section of the bookshop which is 'Books … Continue reading

Oh F*ck

Capturing perfectly the eloquence and succintness of The Economist this version of their front cover (from two weeks ago?) sums up this moment in time rather nicely… via

Do One Thing


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