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A bunch of researchers

"How a bunch of Intel researchers, called ethnographers, came up with the innovations…" Tony Salvador explains more on thew work of the researchers and what they ended up with…. [there's more here – I like way this group uses You … Continue reading

Escher in India

During all my travels in India I never came across these wells in Western India – "known as stepwells, also called bawdi (Hindi बावड़ी) or baoli (Hindi:बावली), are in essence wells in which the water can be reached by descending … Continue reading

If you go down to the beach today

don't drop litter. Wonderful poster making this point by designer Klas Ernflo, for the Catalonia govt (via Curate).

Off the Wall

I missed Interesting – the sort of thing that would be great to see (help organise?) here in Ireland. One of the little snippets that I’ve seen that i really like was Jim Le Fevre’s animation stuff. The Guardian posted … Continue reading

She Sells Sanctuary

The Santuary is kind of unnecessary, rather elegant and desirable too. Just right for the FT’s How to Spend it magazine. For those who are making an, er, honest living shorting the shares of struggling banks most of what is … Continue reading

Copy Right

There seems to be a growing recognition that copy is an essential aspect of an experience – be it on the web or another touchpoint. I liked this example from Dopplr, pointed out by Russell Davies, when they added a … Continue reading

On Design and Context

"Always design a thing by considering it in its next larger context – a chair in a room, a room in a house, a house in an environment, an environment in a city plan." – Eliel Saarinen (via Dan Hill)

The Self Sustaining Serendipity Engine?

I don’t quite get Dopplr. Yet. Maybe I’m missing something, maybe I’m looking too hard. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place. Or perhaps what I’m looking for (I don’t know what it is) is yet to be built. First, … Continue reading

Muslim Jesus

Nice T-shirts these, and a nice piece of Flash on the website too to market these little cotton meditations on the futility of religious intolerance.

Job Opening

We’re currently looking for a junior level Interaction Designer here in the Digital Health Group at Intel Ireland. There are more details about the job posted on Coroflot. Spread the word, please.


I love these cups. Only £8. Buy here. but I like this idea better…which is by an unknown (to me) RCA graduate

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