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Markets and Public Institutions

The final paragraph of a long piece in the October 24th issue of the London Review of Books by Stefan Collini on the thorough-going marketisation of the British higher education system absolutely nails the massive paradox at the heart of … Continue reading

Austerity – the history of a dangerous idea

With a very punchy opening…

Economics 101

From a lovely piece about the state of the British economy by John Lanchester in the London Review of Books: “About thirty years ago, when Keynes was in the depths of economic unfashionability, going up to a group of macroeconomists … Continue reading

Credit Crunch Creative

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo. via crisis of credit

Data Shopping and Dropping

I'm always been fascinated by the idea that Walmart might be able to know – before most healthcare providers in an area that a flu or common cold outbreak is on the way based on their fine detail of the … Continue reading

Still Spinning World

At times like these it is as well to remember that the world is still spinning, the sky has not yet fallen in and life will continue. This piece by Bruno Argento – Italian futurist, a cautious optimist, and Bruce Sterling’s twin … Continue reading

Oh F*ck

Capturing perfectly the eloquence and succintness of The Economist this version of their front cover (from two weeks ago?) sums up this moment in time rather nicely… via

Nudge Gamble

  Picture cred If you were worried that the world financial system had become a bit like a casino, then this development might worry you. The latest front on the drive for financial innovation turns out to be poker. Simply … Continue reading

Punishment Capital

The Undercover Economist, Tim Harford, alerted me to a forthcoming book which uses the economics to explore the nature of contemporary parenting. This volume joins a long line of recent books in which, it is contended, economics is presented as … Continue reading

Cash Flow

In case any further illustration of the growing dominance of the Chinese economy were needed I stumbled upon this piece of anecdata in a FT article on trade wars: the EU’s trade deficit with Beijing [is] growing by about €15m … Continue reading