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From the Air

There's a piece in this weekend's FT magazine about a project that was conducted in the last days of the Shah of Iran's rule – to photograph the country from the air:  When Georg Gerster first flew over Iran on … Continue reading

Trading Places

From Peter Day's excellent World of Business podcast, and a long interview with Richard Florida (16.9.08), there was a fascinating little section on the nature of the work environment, managerial style and organisational success, sandwiched between high octane chat about … Continue reading

The Trees

Words and picture out of sync but great words… The trees are coming into leaf Like something almost being said; The recent buds relax and spread, Their greenness is a kind of grief. Is it that they are born again … Continue reading

Murmurs of older people's stories

Murmur hits Dublin, with a focus on older people’s oral histories of the docklands of the city: [murmur] is a documentary oral history project that records stories and memories told about specific geographic locations. We collect and make accessible people’s … Continue reading

Coffee as Metaphor

(Picture cred) Typically perceptive piece in the FT magazine by Tim Harford in his Undercover Economist column. This one on coffee, as sold nowadays, as a metaphor for the nature of the economy and the nature of the way we … Continue reading