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Biographies of collaboration

Interesting read from Ethan Zuckerman exploring the tendency for the figure of the lone genius to triumph over teams and collaborators in accounts of innovation. Two excerpts: “It doesn’t lessen Jobs to recognize that creative genius comes from collaboration. Letting … Continue reading

Permissionless Innovation

Thinking differently? Really?

As a follow up to last night’s session at @unrulymedia which I really enjoyed, here’s a short but penetrating piece by Thomas Frank, author of  “Pity the Billionaire.” and “One Market Under God“. It’s a stylishly coruscating attack on the genre … Continue reading

Design fictions

One of the sessions I’m looking forward to at EPIC is the Design fictions workshop with Nicloas Nova and Anab Jain. ‘Design fiction?’, you ask, ‘what is that?’. Science fiction writer and futurist Bruce Sterling answers that in question this … Continue reading

Innovation and autocracy

I’ve long believed that innovation is never just about (or even) about new ideas, funky office spaces, flat hierarchies, skunks works ventures or ‘open-ended’ brainstorming sessions. Instead it’s about structure, process and culture – and, ultimately, leadership. This piece on … Continue reading

Social serfs?

From a thought-provoking Paul Ford article in the New York Magazine on the $1bn Facebook Instagram deal: “When people write critically about Facebook, they often say that “you are the product being sold,” but I think that by now we … Continue reading

90 minutes of business wisdom

Professor Clayton Christensen talks models of disruptive innovation, what the job of your product is and explains why there will always be room for disruptive innovation an entrepreneurs in the world. From the rise of Sony and the transistor radio, … Continue reading

Innovation, Teams and Dinosaur Eggs

A  few things I’ve read recently seem, quite independently, to be pointing in the same sort of direction. First, an article by Malcolm Gladwell in The New Yorker exploring the genesis of ideas and innovation. Second, a paper in the HBR on … Continue reading