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Ineffable Ireland

  Jan Morris, doyenne of the travel writing world, had a lovely piece about her recent travels through Ireland in the Saturday FT (10.7.10). Despite claiming that it's difficult to capture exactly what it is about the country that makes … Continue reading

Mrs Mare

Ken Anderson, a colleague at Intel, and a researcher in PaPR, posted some rather valid if baffled questions in responded to the following picture I posted on Flickr A little commentary on this one would help (1) One can't have happy days … Continue reading

What shape are you?

Picture cred – via the fabulous One Letter Pool on Flickr What shape are you? I ask this not to see if you're comfortable with your weight and body, but if you (or your country) is prepared for the future. … Continue reading

Wanted: Cop On

When you've done with advertising your 1991 Mercedes, "lovely clean car and a good runner", and that hardly used push chair, and when you're convinced that your country is still not grappling with reality, why not put out a request … Continue reading


For Dublin, or Ireland based readers, this event might tickle your fancy:  The Ignite* format event will take place at 7pm on November the 3rd 2009 in the Sugar Club and will feature talks from 12 of Ireland's leading experts … Continue reading

Give thanks for think tanks?

Source This can be read as a justification for a plug. The plug is for a series of events that I’m running at the Science Gallery in Dublin, exploring the role of social science in R&D, innovation and job creating … Continue reading

Fat Pipes

Having survived for over three and half years without broadband – since moving to Ireland – I was overjoyed to receive this flyer in the post last week. Having been badgering my local TD for over 6 months this comes … Continue reading

Ageing in Ireland

I've got a book review forthcoming in Ageing and Society – people interested in Ireland, ageing and multi-method social research might be interested in it.  Carmel Gallagher, The Community Life of Older People in Ireland, Peter Lang AG, Bern, Switzerland, … Continue reading

Notes on a recession

Said my landlord, a farmer in County Meath, the other day:  "I love this recession… 1. The sun is shining 2. People say 'please' and 'thank you' 3. You call someone and leave a message and they actually ring you … Continue reading


Well it wasn't Burning Man. In fact, as I wandered around the festival late on the Saturday night it was apparent that one of the bonfires was having significant trouble burning. Having experienced near incessant rain for most of the … Continue reading

The don't knows have it

Decision day today in Ireland. The streets are packed with exhortations to vote one way or other. Ireland, like India, uses public space to maximum effect during elections. There is such a bewilderingly large array of posters on some roads that … Continue reading


One of my favourite Irish words is the multi-purpose ‘yoke’, used in almost any context to describe almost anything. As a guide to Irish vernacular says yoke can refer to "anything from a spade to a nuclear device". According to … Continue reading

Murmurs of older people's stories

Murmur hits Dublin, with a focus on older people’s oral histories of the docklands of the city: [murmur] is a documentary oral history project that records stories and memories told about specific geographic locations. We collect and make accessible people’s … Continue reading

What I learned today…

That the Irish Farmers Association is registered as a telecoms provider in Ireland. I was surprised. Perhaps I shouldn’t be. Photo Credit

Lucre, Lolly and the Irish

Nothing like the new year to make you feel a bit skint. Good timing then for an article on the new rich of Ireland of which, it suggests, there are many. I just wish it had focused more on the … Continue reading

Surf's Up

This was surfed in Mullaghmore, Co. Donegal on Saturday. The biggest wave ever ridden in this country.