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The Audience has an Audience

Interesting video by Kevin Slavin and Kenyatta Cheese

Tea shops, chat and the world disclosed

Last weekend’s FT piece about ‘ideas conferences’ by James Crabtree in the FT, reminded me of a post I wrote over 7 years ago on Indian tea shops, the internet and blogging. The blog for Ideas Bazaar (version 1) is … Continue reading

Solitude and Sociality?

 "It is what the internet lures out of us – hubris, daydreams, avarice, obsessions – that makes it so potent and so volatile. TV's power is serenely impervious; it does all the talking, and we can only listen or turn … Continue reading

Translucent Twitter

 Photo Cred I was reminded this morning of a paper from EPIC 2008 – the conference theme was visibility – on twitter and jaiku use, largely amongst self-employed consultant types. The paper is titled The Translucence of Twitter  by Ingrid Erickson who's … Continue reading

Late to the party

I think I was, until today, the only person in the world (apart from my Mum, Dad and good wife) not to use Twitter but I'm curious in many respects – will I enjoy it, will people follow me (a … Continue reading


This passage capturely wonderfully the networked media infused and supported parallel lives we (some) people live:  "…consider that each medium represents a slightly different slice of the people I know and interact with. My landline is reserved for close friends, telemarketers (unintentionally) … Continue reading

Media ecology – your email is connected to your….

A rather brilliant commentary on the ecology of media and technology, via Memex 1.1

Healthy Mass Observation

The Mass Observation project/movement lives on (new website too). I'm particularly intrerested in the latest directive – call to observers to write in on a specific issue (want to become one?) - which is focused on health and social care experiences – You … Continue reading

When an old technology is old

Recently unearthed during what amounted to an archeological dig in the boot of a car we imported into Ireland was a stash of old tapes. I couldn’t help but reflect both on the social life of these tapes – their … Continue reading

Personal Annual Report

I guess designer Nicholas Felton’s personal annual report will read better than that of, er, Northern Rock.