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Now here

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And lo! There was evening light…

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The view from the office on a cold, crisp afternoon

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The Danish word for my flat is hygge: cozy.

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Warm lobby at Ibsens Hotel

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Still life

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Sunny day on the water

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Light and Church

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Monochrome Morning

Taken on a grey morning in the City of London.

links for 2010-11-17

Events of interest to the Wired editorial team (Wired UK) – November 2010 Wired Event calendar. Nice (tags: events conferences diary) About Nice links about smart homes and smart home projects. (tags: design home smarthome bookchapter) / Technology / … Continue reading

links for 2010-09-27

Twitter, Facebook, and social activism : The New Yorker "In other words, Facebook activism succeeds not by motivating people to make a real sacrifice but by motivating them to do the things that people do when they are not motivated … Continue reading

links for 2010-09-14

The slow death of Dopplr | Technology | Whodunnit? Nokia or was the idea itself lacking a certain something. I always argued the latter. (tags: Dopplr business start-ups Nokia) Ron Conway’s Confidential Investment Guide: The Tech Megatrends (tags: business … Continue reading

links for 2010-06-30

Silver surfers increase by one million over the last year | CARDI : Centre for Ageing Research and Development in Ireland (tags: ageing technology internet raceonline)

links for 2010-06-21

Reframing health to embrace design of our own well-being Nice piece from latest Interactions magazine (tags: health2.0 healthcare design Foucault)

links for 2010-04-13

2004-August-25 – Bungalow Blitz at the Walter Phillips Gallery All over Ireland, one of the biggest bestsellers of 1971 was a DIY manual called Bungalow Bliss by Jack Fitzsimmons (“Six Plans and Six Specifications for only One Hundred Pounds”). Landing … Continue reading

links for 2010-04-06

Tony Dunne – Design for Debate – we make money not art "It's not about trying to predict the future and get into forecasting but simply about trying to move upstream and not waiting for science to become technology and … Continue reading

links for 2010-03-28

Design with Intent 11 ways to 'change' behaviour (tags: behaviour design Nudge)

links for 2010-03-27

Design with Intent 11 ways to 'change' behaviour (tags: behaviour design Nudge) Welcome UK Cabinet Office resource on service design (tags: services design UK)

links for 2010-02-04

Hey, all of a sudden older people are sexy. It must be election time again | Zoe Williams | Comment is free | The Guardian It is assumed that over-65s live in some condition of infirmity, when the most recent … Continue reading

links for 2010-01-28

Free Publicity: Who do we help? – Anil Dash Anil Dash on the "slate of the union address" – good points, well made (tags: Politics USA Obama Apple) – Is the iPad the harbinger of doom for personal computing? … Continue reading

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