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Media ecology – your email is connected to your….

A rather brilliant commentary on the ecology of media and technology, via Memex 1.1

The World Won't Listen

For no other reason other than – a) it’s one of my favourite album (and album covers); b) someone at work came in today sporting a rather similar look to the man of the left and c) I don’t feel … Continue reading

When an old technology is old

Recently unearthed during what amounted to an archeological dig in the boot of a car we imported into Ireland was a stash of old tapes. I couldn’t help but reflect both on the social life of these tapes – their … Continue reading

Your Bach's in the post.

My sister in law recently remarked, on visiting our local town in Ireland, that it must be easy to save money living here since there is nothing to buy. She is, as they say here, nearly right. A trip to … Continue reading