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Nice little movie that simply describes how packet switching allows the page you’re now reading to get delivered to you in under a second:

Salons: where good ideas continue to come from…

EPIC Salons: Creating spaces for ideas to flourish What do San Francisco in the 1960’s, Vienna at the turn of last century, Calcutta during the 1800s and London in the 17th and 18th centuries have in common? The simple answer … Continue reading

Facebook’s vision and it privacy

From a nice essay by Paul Ford in MIT’s Technology Review on Facebook, Facebook Home and its moral ‘vision’ Facebook’s self-reflexive utility explains why the company finds privacy so tricky. The freedom to read and experience things privately is essential … Continue reading

Relations and Relatedness

Thanks to the Wayback machine I found an old post I wrote on kinship and social networks from Ideas Bazaar (2004 vintage). I’m in the midst of writing something about big data, and I’m struck by what, at the time of … Continue reading

The disconnected life worth living

Provocative piece from the The New Enquiry, arguing against the idea that a ‘logged on life’ is a distracted one that detracts from the quality of our relationships in ‘real life’: “…we are far from forgetting about the offline; rather … Continue reading

Internet punditry (1974)

From Hans Magnus Enzensberger’s 1974 collection of essays “The Consciousness Industry; On Literature, Politics and the Media”: The open secret of the new electronic media, the decisive political factor, which has been waiting, suppressed or crippled, for its moment to … Continue reading

Death, Digital Remains and the Network

Image Courtesy of Michele Gauler's Digital Remains project Three recent things, and something I cam across a few years back collide in what seems like an emergent interest in what happens to our digital lives, profiles and data when we die. … Continue reading

Facebook the Casino

Nice piece in latest Technology Review comparing Facebook to Diaspora, the new minimalist, Dunbarian social network. Facebook is like a casino: garish, crowded, distracting, designed to lure you in and keep you there far longer than you ever intended. (The … Continue reading

Boiled Eggs and Actor Network Theory

A poem by Baron Wormser What a person desires in life   is a properly boiled egg.This isn’t as easy as it seems.There must be gas and a stove,   the gas requires pipelines, mastodon drills,   banks that dispense the lozenge of capital.There must be … Continue reading

Three Types of People

I was interested in the following quote from Lynda Gratton from London Business School, in a Lunch with the FT Interview (several weeks ago). Not much more comment to make on it but it feels, intuitively, like a nice way … Continue reading