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Self portrait

Breathtaking picture by a Japanese astronaut on the ISS via. There’s another, much earlier one, here.

Followers please

Source unknown

Mrs Mare

Ken Anderson, a colleague at Intel, and a researcher in PaPR, posted some rather valid if baffled questions in responded to the following picture I posted on Flickr A little commentary on this one would help (1) One can't have happy days … Continue reading

A Nice Line (in) Drawing

Whenever I do a post about anthropology in business – which is fairly often – I waste a few minutes looking for a nice picture of a pith helmet. Thanks to Wayne Payne, and his rather spiffy website, I found … Continue reading

A shadow of our former selves?

I was given this postcard yesterday by some lovely people from Nas na Riogh Housing Association who are doing some great work in a Naas, county town of Co. Kildare. The donor of the card had picked it up on a holiday … Continue reading

A Martian's Guide to Coffee

Next time you take a visitor from Mars to your local coffee shop, slip him this guide first: 

From the Air

There's a piece in this weekend's FT magazine about a project that was conducted in the last days of the Shah of Iran's rule – to photograph the country from the air:  When Georg Gerster first flew over Iran on … Continue reading

Goodbye George

This was one of my favourite pictures from around the time of the Gulf War II protests. A simple statement made with a coder's sense of efficiency. 

Fruits of Winter

From my Flickr photostream

The Rising Cost of (not) Living

Spotted in a pub in Newcastle, County Down.


EmergencyOriginally uploaded by alistairh From a lovely set of pictures to use as wallpaper on an iPhone, if you have one.

His Master's Voice

From a junk shop in India, found on an old hard drive. No idea what sort of publication it came from.

Light and Dark

At a dark time of year, it’s time for some light. A good excuse to reprise this photo of Olafur Eliasson’s installation in the turbine hall at Tate Modern in 2003, taken by Rob Gardiner, and on his currently mothballed … Continue reading

Dedicated Follower of Fashion

via Lie ins and Tigers, via fffound

Forms of Salvation

Spotted on a beach on County Donegal