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Advice on Television

When I came to write up my Ph.D thesis about TV in India, mid 90s, I soon realised that the moral nervousness about the medium in India was the playing out of similar debates that had occurred wherever TV had … Continue reading

The Unknown Citizen

In the time before a well developed market research industry, neuroscience, Big Data etc there were, perhaps, unknown and unknowable citizens: He was found by the Bureau of Statistics to be One against whom there was no official complaint, And … Continue reading

Boiled Eggs and Actor Network Theory

A poem by Baron Wormser What a person desires in life   is a properly boiled egg.This isn’t as easy as it seems.There must be gas and a stove,   the gas requires pipelines, mastodon drills,   banks that dispense the lozenge of capital.There must be … Continue reading

The 'burbs

The suburbs. Victims of abuse and scorn and the net curtain twitching middle classes. A new exhibition at the London Transport Museum explores the suburbs and Joe Moran, that  ethnographer of the mundae par excellence, has written a short piece for the FT outlining … Continue reading

For some reasons….

For a bunch of reasons, none of which I'm willing to say more about here, the following words from one of Seamus Heaney's most commented upon poems struck a chord with me today when I chanced upon them…. From the … Continue reading


We recently ran a small workshop, or gathering, to discuss 're-inventing retirement'. One of the attendees mentioned a poem that Brendan Kennelly  had written on the subject of retirement as a new beginning. It's worth quoting at length…. Begin again to … Continue reading

Christmas Inside

Death Row, Luzeera Jail What do they spell, the fairy lights draping the yard outside the cells? A daily Christmas? Unwrapping the surprises before dawn? Another day isn't, for everyone, something to take for granted. But by the time the … Continue reading