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What gets lost

el problema es este this is the difficulty lo que se pierde what gets lost no es lo que se pierde en traducion sino is not what gets lost in translation but more what gets lost in lanuage itself lo … Continue reading

Mapping old age

“Our maps have improved in a kind of spurious precision as they have deteriorated in the amount of worthwhile information they convey…If the Ordnance Survey were worth the paper it prints on it would be producing a special series of … Continue reading

Beckham Balls

The confidence of masculinity, the celebration of talent, the intimacy of David Beckham. The fragrance projects the edgy, sexy side of David. A modern woody-spicey accord radiating warmth and sensuality. A heady mix of energy, vibrancy, comfort and warmth. Magnetic, … Continue reading

Thought for the Day

“. . .if you are tempted to judge someone as ignorant, look for the context in which his knowledge can be turned into gold.” Sounds like a goods plan. Levy P (1997) Collective Intelligence: mankind’s emerging world in cyberspace. Cambridge: … Continue reading

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