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Asimov and the internet

For all those who love the history of the past's ideas about the future: "Once we have computer outlets in every home, each of them hooked up to enormous libraries where anyone can ask any question and be given answers, … Continue reading

Solitude and Sociality?

 "It is what the internet lures out of us – hubris, daydreams, avarice, obsessions – that makes it so potent and so volatile. TV's power is serenely impervious; it does all the talking, and we can only listen or turn … Continue reading

How to Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the Internet

“Everything that’s already in the world when you’re born is just normal; anything that gets invented between then and before you turn thirty is incredibly exciting and creative and with any luck you can make a career out of it; … Continue reading

Beyond a 'market of pilots': EU report on technology for healthy ageing

As the world gets older, faster, and suffers from growing (nay, epidemic) levels of chronic disease and its health and social care systems shudder under the strain people are getting interested in the role that technology might play in lending … Continue reading

Banking for the older old

Hospitals are not banks and so turning up at hospital for a routine operation with a shoebox of cash is probably not best advised. Then again, banks have not exactly covered themselves in glory over the last few years and … Continue reading

Storage – now and then

As we increasingly take for granted the enormous computing power we have 'ready to hand' each day, at our desk and in our pockets, it is easy to forgot the quantum leaps have been made over the last couple of decades. This … Continue reading

Technology is….

“anything useful created by the human mind”. One of many nice definitions contained in a talk full of thought provoking ideas, analogies, metaphors and optimism, 

Translucent Twitter

 Photo Cred I was reminded this morning of a paper from EPIC 2008 – the conference theme was visibility – on twitter and jaiku use, largely amongst self-employed consultant types. The paper is titled The Translucence of Twitter  by Ingrid Erickson who's … Continue reading

A Bit of Balance

  All Rights Reserved (Picture cred – it's a wonderful photo isn't it?) The debate about the adoption and use of technology by older people seems a little out of touch with reality. Either, we're told – older people (and … Continue reading

Off the shelf technology

Due in part, no doubt, to the extreme attention deficit disorder induced by the web and other technologies, I missed this book on The Nature of Technology by W Brian Arthur. Thanks to Russell Davies for the tip off and for … Continue reading

Window Shopping

Watchers of the telecare industry – not everyone I know – will have read with interest an article this week on the potential for a private pay market for telecare and even telehealth in the UK. Perhaps this is the … Continue reading

Fat Pipes

Having survived for over three and half years without broadband – since moving to Ireland – I was overjoyed to receive this flyer in the post last week. Having been badgering my local TD for over 6 months this comes … Continue reading


I'm not able to attend Include 2009, which starts today in London at the Royal College of Art, but the paper I wrote with Nina Warburton from The Alloy is included and she's presenting it on behalf of us both.  … Continue reading


This passage capturely wonderfully the networked media infused and supported parallel lives we (some) people live:  "…consider that each medium represents a slightly different slice of the people I know and interact with. My landline is reserved for close friends, telemarketers (unintentionally) … Continue reading


I've got a piece just out in the latest edition of User Experience Magazine (Volume 8, Issue 1, 2009) entitled  "Web 2.0 for an Older Population: Exploring the Limits". The article grew out of my sense that whilst everything Web 2.0 is … Continue reading

Sexy Statisticians

From an article in Mckinsey Quarterly on how the web challenges managers, a great passage on an emerging skillset. Although it's a much broader article in terms of what it covers – comparing the rise of technology in organisations to … Continue reading

Media ecology – your email is connected to your….

A rather brilliant commentary on the ecology of media and technology, via Memex 1.1

She Sells Sanctuary

The Santuary is kind of unnecessary, rather elegant and desirable too. Just right for the FT’s How to Spend it magazine. For those who are making an, er, honest living shorting the shares of struggling banks most of what is … Continue reading

Innovation, Teams and Dinosaur Eggs

A  few things I’ve read recently seem, quite independently, to be pointing in the same sort of direction. First, an article by Malcolm Gladwell in The New Yorker exploring the genesis of ideas and innovation. Second, a paper in the HBR on … Continue reading

Technology Metabolism

There may be no Moore's Law for culture but some countries adopt technology quicker than others. That simple observation provided the germ of a super interesting project run by colleagues at Intel, which was showcased recently at Research at Intel in Mountain … Continue reading

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