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Big data, asymmetry and business

[This post is a little longer than initially planned – it’s about a 15 minutes read] It was of little surprise that big data figured as a major presence at EPIC 2013 in London last week. In a session devoted … Continue reading

Tea shops, chat and the world disclosed

Last weekend’s FT piece about ‘ideas conferences’ by James Crabtree in the FT, reminded me of a post I wrote over 7 years ago on Indian tea shops, the internet and blogging. The blog for Ideas Bazaar (version 1) is … Continue reading

A bunch of researchers

"How a bunch of Intel researchers, called ethnographers, came up with the innovations…" Tony Salvador explains more on thew work of the researchers and what they ended up with…. [there's more here – I like way this group uses You … Continue reading

The Self Sustaining Serendipity Engine?

I don’t quite get Dopplr. Yet. Maybe I’m missing something, maybe I’m looking too hard. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place. Or perhaps what I’m looking for (I don’t know what it is) is yet to be built. First, … Continue reading