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  From a blog post by FT management writer Andrew Hill.

Embedded Anthropology: My Talk from the RSA Design Society Event

On Monday I spoke at an RSA event on Embedding Design organised by Emily Campbell as part of the . As I said at the time, saying anything valuable in ten minutes is far beyond my abilities. So here's something you … Continue reading

Book Review: Ethnography and the Corporate Encounter

  Ethnography and the Corporate Encounter: Reflections on Research in and of Corporations - Edited by Melissa Cefkin It is now safe to say that the introduction to the story of ethnographic and anthropological praxis within industry has been written. This … Continue reading

Mapping Work

Two rather different maps of work – one a Google map of anthrodesign type people globally. The other a freelancers map of London, with handy hints on all the best places to meet and work called You are Here. At £3 shipped … Continue reading

Wanted: Interns

We're looking for a couple of interns to join the social science research and design team here at Digital Health's Product Research and Innovation team in Ireland. the blurb is below, please contact me if you're interested and send on … Continue reading


For Dublin, or Ireland based readers, this event might tickle your fancy:  The Ignite* format event will take place at 7pm on November the 3rd 2009 in the Sugar Club and will feature talks from 12 of Ireland's leading experts … Continue reading

Sexy Statisticians

From an article in Mckinsey Quarterly on how the web challenges managers, a great passage on an emerging skillset. Although it's a much broader article in terms of what it covers – comparing the rise of technology in organisations to … Continue reading

Skilled Practitioners and Concrete Cabbages

It is always nice to see something come to fruition. This is especially true of a Ph.D thesis, the production of which I often liken, in terms of its experience quotient, to the excretion of a concrete cabbage.  So I … Continue reading

Trading Places

From Peter Day's excellent World of Business podcast, and a long interview with Richard Florida (16.9.08), there was a fascinating little section on the nature of the work environment, managerial style and organisational success, sandwiched between high octane chat about … Continue reading

Ageing and Sandwiches

If you're in Edinburgh next week, Wednesday 15th September to be precise, and you're interested in ageing and the research that Intel is doing in this space you might like to know I'm doing a seminar at The University of … Continue reading

A bunch of researchers

"How a bunch of Intel researchers, called ethnographers, came up with the innovations…" Tony Salvador explains more on thew work of the researchers and what they ended up with…. [there's more here – I like way this group uses You … Continue reading

Dream Job

I’m quite lucky. Why? I have one of these. via Preoccupations/Tumblr

A Workers' Manifesto

This all seems reasonable enough to me: via adliterate, via ffffound

Don't take away my cube

Hate to link to this when it is so old and all but I’ve been heads down for a few weeks now and never eatched it at the time. It’s darn funny. That said, cubes have their merits. And hell, … Continue reading