A small selection from some the presentations I’ve given over the last few years.

2014 – Cracking the Cultural Code of Wearables. AS presentation given at the Special Interest Group meeting of Cambridge Wireless, September 2014

Cracking the Cultural Code of Wearables by sr9700


2013 – Adornment, enchantment, magic and ridicule. A presentation given at the December 2013 Wearable Futures conference at Ravensbourne College, London.

Adornment, enchantment, magic and ridicule by Simon Roberts

2013 – Why the world needs anthropologists

Presentation give at “Why the world needs anthropologists” , a symposium in Amsterdam late November 2013.

‘That full complement of riches’: The future role of anthropology in business and society

 2012: Peckham, Poundland, Post its and the Peace Wall: Staging a Post-Riot Renewal

Peckham, Poundland, Post its and the Peace Wall: Staging a Post-Riot Renewal

2011: Ageing and an age of uncertainty

Keynote from The Economist risk summit.

Ageing and an age of uncertainty

2010: Technology: An Anti-Case Study
A talk given at an event organised by the Innovation Exchange and The Young Foundation and held in Paris, 2010 on ageing. A chance for me to explore some of the frustrations I have with the ageing technology/service industry.

An Anti-Case study

2009: Keynote given at the Telecare Services Association annual conference on designing technology for older people.

Technology and Older People: Fictions, Facts and The Future

2009: “-ing” – A pecha kucha style talk designed to reframe we think about production development – inviting us to think about focusing on inventing and supporting new practices. Originally given at the Dublin chapter of the IXDA’s DEFUSE series.


2004: Working Lives: Reflections of a (Commercial) Unbound Anthropologist 

A presentation given to the anthropology department in Stockholm, at the invitation of Professor Ulf Hannerz back in 2004. when I was running ethnographic research company, Ideas Bazaar.

Working Lives: Reflections of a (Commercial) Unbound Anthropologist

2002: Linkship – Imagining a New Kinship of Networks
A presentation from a 2002 seminar held by iSociety where I was ‘ethnographer in residence’. It was an attempt to explore what the tools and concepts of anthropology might offer to the theorisation and understanding of the networked world.